Blessing for Dog Food

by T.A.L. de Sacks

(Invocation of the Babylonian healing goddess and patroness of dogs, Gula)

Blessings be upon this food. May it be as manna from the heavens so it might nourish this most sacred of animals. And may mighty Gula the Great send the spirit of fortitude into Her beloved messenger and alter-ego. She is the Lady of Abundance, the Lady of Life. Her power, unending. Her grace, divine. It is through Her beneficence and love of the loyal canine that all dogs are protected. Blessed is this meal and blessed is this place. May every house wherein a dog abides be sanctified by Mother Gula as “é-ur-gi-ra”.

(“é-ur-gi-ra” means “doghouse” in ancient Sumerian.)

T.A.L. de Sacks writes poems, fictional literary letters, & invocations or prayers for ritual use (most of which are based on esoteric traditions of antiquity practiced in Europe and the Ancient Near East).

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