BYZANTIUM (An Esoteric Acrostic)

by T.A.L. de Sacks

Babylon hangs in the air through the miasmatic redolence of hanging gardens.

Yahwist scribes of Enoch summon forth the conjuring Word with a stylus as their wand.

Zarathustra’s occult tones on some aeolian harp seem human, all too human.

Astrictions and fetters are easily slipped off by sly, perfumed, Egyptian magi.

Necrotic and canopic are the rites and weird wonders worked beneath the pyramids.

Time ago, its depths murky as wine-dark seas laden with shadowy Leviathans.

Iamblichiana is the sunlit name of the state of the Apostate Emperor.

Under Pythian feet vapors billow and condense into sibylline oracles.

Monks illumine a scriptorium with flames of theurgic dithyrambs everlasting.

T.A.L. de Sacks writes poems, fictional literary letters, & invocations or prayers for ritual use (most of which are based on esoteric traditions of antiquity practiced in Europe and the Ancient Near East).

T.A.L. de Sacks says “Byzantium is for me everything that is naturally occulted, mysterious, tantalizing, and yet inherently unknowable in the world.”

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