Exorcistic Prayer of the Ašipu

by T.A.L. de Sacks

(Incantation Adapted from and Inspired by “The Sebettu” of the Babylonian and Assyrian Invocatory Utukkū Lemnūtu Series)

Incantation:– Seven are they, seven are they, In the depths of the ocean seven are they, Tyrannizing the heavens seven are they, In the darkest depths of an evil ocean they were born, Amongst the harsh hills of the wild horses they were reared. They now stalk the land as a wandering windblast, On the pestiferous southern wind do they ride as an unkindness of ravens. Terrible and unknowable are their thoughts, words, and deeds. Neither male nor female are they, Neither husbands nor wives take they, No offspring do they beget; Merciful feeling and pity are stillborn in their wombs of venom, They heed not the prayers nor supplications of men. Once, throne-bearers of the gods were they, Now, Lord Ea alone is it who can subdue them, For, he is the master magician of the abyssal sweet waters. They stand steadfast in the path of men so that none may go further. Evil are they, evil are they! Seven are they, seven are they! Behold, for twice seven are they! By Heaven, be ye exorcised! By Earth be ye exorcised! By the Empyrean throne of Anu, be ye banished and exorcised! By the threshing floor of kia, be ye banished and exorcised! Within the House of Plenteous Increase mayest no venom be, Within the vault of the shining firmament mayest no poison be! By the ban of Bel, Lord of the World, mayest thou not draw nigh, By the ban of Beltis, Lady of the World, mayest thou not draw nigh! From this land, purified by the Tigris and Euphrates, thou shalt depart, from this man, the son of his god, thou shalt depart! For the god of the man is a shepherd Who seeketh pasture for him that evil canst not touch; Spirits of evil, thou art bound and burned!

T.A.L. de Sacks writes poems, fictional literary letters, & invocations or prayers for ritual use (most of which are based on esoteric traditions of antiquity practiced in Europe and the Ancient Near East).

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