Love Song to the Master

by Star Ruby

Master Therion, my master genius your wisdom opened for me the heaven's windows

So now I can have a glimpse beyond the sky and summon to land the presence of my Holy Angel Guardian

Dear Frater Perdurabo you will endure till the no end transcending all the limits of the false self

Let me swim with your spirit by the river of Amarita let me dance with your soul the song of Ararita

Want to see your magickal lingam strong like the middle pillar so I will pour all my manah and I could be your Gitana

Making love to my mind with your cunning words of slime Could I be your lover sublime?

Taking me far of this realm so I can make my will real traveling upon a swan just beholding the divine

Let me be your Scarlet Woman I will feed your milky wants with the elixir of my paps

At the garden of Nemo I will forget about my name but about you I'm not quite sure if it is possible to forget

Talking to the great Lord Adonai who is in the most high step of the ladder of the sky So close to the Crowned One

To your spirit V.V.V.V.V. XXV and Pentagram and the Star Ruby Ritual

Prophet of the New Aeon by the Aiwass mercurial mind to destroy old paradigms to bring the glory of the conquering child.

My feet in the depths of hell my head till the utmost sky so I become diabolically divine

Intoxicated with the wine that has been fermented by tramples we both dressed as bacchants

Dancing naked in the forest to the sound of the Satyr flute, I could be your Syrinx Nymph and ... could be you my Pan?

I will chase you through the Aethyrs enquiring every mysterious Angel And I will find you in your rapture at the Algerian swimming pool

Dedicated to you my poesia while I become Pistis Sophia and let's mingle with the Goetic

Star Ruby, aka Bloody Babalon, is a Thelemite from Colombia, who has been writing poetry in English for the last 7 years, and has been sharing their work on their Star Ruby Poetry page at Facebook. They also have begun work on JEWELS of Shadows and Light, an upcoming self-published collection of their poetry.

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