by Star Ruby

Marvelous brilliant, stubborn thou art by daring the fate in calling to land the utmost power in the body of a woman giving thy self all that thou hath

Appointed with the destiny in the middle of the Desert thy heart, body, mind, and soul pure will unassuaged of the lust of result

Thou saith many have dareth None succedeth before in the awakening of Babalon

Thy tears, thy sweat, thy blood, thy semen thy love, thy faith thou hast provideth

Through the sound of the Prokofiev violin through the ordeals of the Black Pilgrimage

Naive soul full of passion and innocent intention relinquishing all to this manifestation

Consecrated, dedicated to the Lady of the Night

The cosmic hearth to thee Her voice hath been upraised Babalon thou art awakeneth by his willingly given' sacrifice

Sweet Lady of the Night thine voice resounded through the Mojave Desert to the claim of thy beloved one

Beautiful Horrible! but Full of love is thine heart Not have been in vain … After all!

Thou art here thou took flesh and there is no other woman like thou art as it hath been prophesieth

Consecrated and true by the working of nine moons

blood to blood, heart to heart, mind to mind

A woman bestowed with all the powers from the divine

Ecstasy untellable thou hast large strength likewise this working was successful thou knight deserves a prize

Being a partaker of the mystery of the Lady in the place beyond the Abyss Inflamed with her eternal light

Star Ruby, aka Bloody Babalon, is a Thelemite from Colombia, who has been writing poetry in English for the last 7 years, and has been sharing their work on their Star Ruby Poetry page at Facebook. They also have begun work on JEWELS of Shadows and Light, an upcoming self-published collection of their poetry.

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