Prayer Against the Evil Spirits

by T.A.L. de Sacks

(Rhymed Version of the Incantation, “The Sebettu” of the Babylonian and Assyrian Invocatory Utukkū Lemnūtu Series)

Incantation:– Seven are they, seven are they, Beneath the waves of the tideway, Above the storm clouds of the heavens, Both places stalked by the seven. Born in the watery abyss, Membranous and androgynous, They rove as a fiery wind. They are without children or kin. They heed no prayer, nor supplication, No offering, nor libation. As vile ravens and wild horses, They are ruthless and remorseless. They block and befoul the highway. The wanderer they will waylay. Evil are they; evil are they! Seven are they, seven are they! Oh, mighty gods, keep them at bay! By Marduk and Ea, the wise, May these demons be exorcised! By “Sharur” may they be pulverized! By heaven and earth be they exorcised!

T.A.L. de Sacks writes poems, fictional literary letters, & invocations or prayers for ritual use (most of which are based on esoteric traditions of antiquity practiced in Europe and the Ancient Near East).

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