Prayer to Perun

by T.A.L. de Sacks

(Prayer to Perun, the Slavic storm god)

Oh, mighty Storm-Knight! Grand Bogatyr! Glory! Glory unto Thee! We implore Thou with all the melodious gifts of the gusle of Sadko, with all the cunning of Kashchei, and all the bravery of Ruslan and Ivan Korolevich! Thou art mighty, Thou art magnificent! To control the storms of the heavens is a powerful mantle to bear! Even the effervescence of the firebird’s lightening bends to Thy great will! We as Thy humble acolytes offer praise, tribute, and the effects of office and grandeur. Please, Mighty One, spare us Thy wrath. Pass over us and do not harm those who worship Thy works, oh Batyushka! Allow our dwelling to escape damage and for our electricity to remain uninterrupted. This much to Thou give we thanks! Glory! Glory! Slava!

T.A.L. de Sacks writes poems, fictional literary letters, & invocations or prayers for ritual use (most of which are based on esoteric traditions of antiquity practiced in Europe and the Ancient Near East).

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