The Ants* and The Aphids*

by SD Master

Silver* and Black* In the Middle of the Dey* That’s no way To get to the Play* Parts are bartered off And Deals Lost By the Anxious* Who throw IT* away. Looking Out is Looking at The People who grin and look back The Ants and Aphids will B Working tonight And the Dance of Shiva Goes on Knight after Night

From The Great Work by SD Master. To request a PDF of this book from the author, email SD Master.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.

Aphids = 78941 = 6, #6 in the Tarot, “The Lovers*”. Providers of nourishment to the Ant colony. The Used.

Ants = 1521 = 9, #9 in the Tarot, “The Hermit*”. The Archons. The Users.

Anxious = 1469631 = 6, #6 in The Tarot, “The Lovers*”. See Aphids.

Black = 23132 = 2, #2 in the Tarot, “The High Priestess*”. Unregenerate. To do as you’re told by others who know not. “They” play The Game, and you’re the pawn.

Dey = 457 = 7, #7 in the Tarot, “The Chariot*”. Answer to a Question, or a statement of fact. Doesn’t have a clu! (Pun intended).

IT = 92 = 2, #2 in the Tarot, “The High Priestess*”. Isis looked, however, Thoth had to make IT (Phallus) out of Gold, for she could not find Osiris’s. Raise yourself from lead to gold. See story on Isis, Osiris and Horus.

Play = 7317 = 9, #9 in The Tarot, “The Hermit*”. If you play The Game, eventually you will lose. If you don’t know about the game, then you are probably someone's pawn.

2 = The High Priestess, The Camel. The Veil, Mystery, to travel through the desert, keep your hands out of your pants. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut.

6 = The Lovers, Inside and outside, yet ONE. A way to travel through eternity. Choose Life, become two, realize you are ONE. Through out history there is always ONE.

7=The Chariot, To stand on the Fence. To guide previously unruly opposite sides in the same direction. Light in Darkness. Run away from, run towards.

9 = The Hermit, Old and Wise, 3 legs, a hand, Yod as the secret fire. The fluidic Essence of Light. Yod as Spermatozoon as Hand as Logos as Virgin.

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