The Coin

by SD Master

A traveler walks into an establishment and places a coin upon the counter. A lady walks up and asks, “How can I help you”? The traveler asks, “How many sides to this coin”? The lady responds, “Two”. The traveler smiles and states, “You’re forgetting about the outside”. The lady smiles to herself thinking, “yea, this guy is crazy”.

The traveler next states, “Now, imagine you are standing inside the coin, above you the ceiling, below the floor and around you, the circumference of the coin, the wall... how many sides to the coin”? The lady thinking to herself, “yea, this guy is a total lune” replies, “six”.

The traveler then instructs her, “Imagine yourself again standing outside of the coin. Now, how many sides to the coin”? She responds, “Six”.

The traveler counters, “There are twelve, the coin in your mind and the coin in mine”.

At this time another patron appears, glancing at the coin. The traveler asks, “How many sides to the coin”? to which she replies, “Twelve”.

The traveler smiles and says, “There are eighteen, the coin in your mind, the coin in my mind, and the coin in the mind of this person”. “How many sides to the coin?”, asks the traveler, to which she responds, “it depends on how many people are looking at it”.

The traveler, taking the coin, exits the establishment. The patron asks, “How did he do that?” to which the lady replied, “with words”. Moral of the story: It’s Magick, Imagine.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.

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