The Door*

by SD Master

Knock knock No ones Home Just an Empty* House* That We* Call Home. Another Tym*, Another Place, Another Door, Another Face.

Knock knock The Sleeper* Stirs… “Who Breaks my rest and Slows my Pace?”

Knock knock The Door Swings wide… A Traveler* Enters and tries to Hide

Out… OUT! Licentious Fiend… But I Awake and Find IT’s* Me… What's going on… I don't know… It's just a Farce Another Show…

Awake AWAKE it's Time to go!

And Raise* The Beast* That You Call Home…

From The Great Work by SD Master. To request a PDF of this book from the author, email SD Master.

SD Master is a mystic who writes poetry.

1 = The Magician, Mercury, Risen, Understands the four cardinal points, Internal Combustion, Dreams, The Game, Infinity, Reality/Dreams/Both. The Rose.

2 = The High Priestess, The Camel. The Veil, Mystery, to travel through the desert, keep your hands out of your pants. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut.

4 = The Emperor, Government, A cube, “Reality” (as opposed to dream). Do as your told, not as you know. Aries the Ram or the Lamb.

5 = The Hierophant, Pontiff, Spiritual Instruction, Seated between two pillars, Reality and Dream. Interprets either, controls neither. Is As.

7 = The Chariot, To stand on the Fence. To guide previously unruly opposite sides in the same direction. Light in Darkness. Run away from, run towards.

Beast = 25112 = 2, #2 in the Tarot, “The High Priestess*”. In the Bible 666 is the Number of a man. (See Code for 666). Question, Why must 666 equate to any one individual… why not to every “Unregenerate” man? 4” below your navel. You can’t defeat the demon you enjoy playing with. Come Up! Fox, Red.

Door = 4669 = 7, #7 in the Tarot, “The Chariot*”. Enter the room. Venus between Chockma and Binah.

Empty = 54727 = 7, #7 in the Tarot, “The Chariot*”. Without a tenant, an uninhabited suit of clothes. Soulless. Without truth. A liar.

House = 86315 = 5, #5 in the Tarot. “The Hierophant*.” A suit of clothes. Inhabited by, worn by… the Spirit.

IT = 92 = 2, #2 in the Tarot, “The High Priestess*”. Isis looked, however, Thoth had to make IT (Phallus) out of Gold, for she could not find Osiris’s. Raise yourself from lead to gold.

Raise = 91915 = 7, #7 in the Tarot, “The Chariot*”. To bring up. To help to evolve. To explain The Purpose of Life, To Quicken ones energy.

Sleeper = 1355759 = 7, #7 in the Tarot, “The Chariot*”, Means “A Fence”, has at least two sides, Black and White, mostly on the dark side (Sleeping). Understand that there are Two sides to every Fence. Someone who is easily controlled by those who are awake, or has a friend with a snake. If you stand on the fence, you risk being shot at from both sides… however, you are in a unique place to understand Both sides.

Traveler = 29145359 = 2, #2 in the Tarot, “The High Priestess*”. The Reincarnated. Old Soul.

TYM = 274 = 4, #4 of the Tarot, “The Emperor*”. That which is at the junction. Controlled.

We = 55 = 1 = #1 of the Tarot, “The Magician*”. Those who subliminally instruct. Players of The Game.

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