The Father, The Son, and BABALON!

by Whiskey Stevens

Dearest Babalon, they do not see how wicked and torturous their ways have been. They do not see how they have discarded your presence and tried to stamp out thy name and thy face and thy voice and thy vision, but they never can, nor ever will.

Dearest Babalon, justice is thy name and judgment is swift to follow as the snake’s hinged jaw opens to devour the ignorant. How short-sighted to think they could erase the Mother. How short-sighted to think that you would not seek revenge, that you would not wield your might and swing with swift motion your double-edged sword.

Dearest Babalon, the double-wanded one that holds the Universe in its balance, do they not see that you never were gone? Do they not see that you have also birthed them? How dare your own children turn against you!

Dearest Babalon, with your crimson red that flows from thy lips to softly kiss the very beginning and formation of Chaos. Shame! Shame! Shame! It will wash upon them in the microcosm and the macrocosm and only those with the vision will know that which is the head of the Snake.

Dearest Babalon, let those who have given themselves to you know that which you really are. Let them clearly see the choice that they make when choosing between the dove and the snake. Let them clearly see their own hinged jaws, let them clearly see their own natures.

Dearest Babalon, the force behind All let those who have given themselves over to you know the fierceness of your nature, the might of your sword, the wisdom of your wands, the chaos in your cup, and the dirt-covered surface of the double-sided coin.

Dearest Babalon! Dearest Babalon! Hallowed be thy name. 

The Father, The Son, and BABALON! is a prayer for those independently and individually searching through their own natures from which they have moments of understanding about uniting two into one.

Whiskey Stevens is a writer and occultist. Their book Rise of The Witch, and Unapologetically Magick is due early 2023.

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