Thought Crime

by Jan Shaw

I saw it in the town Where I grew up Sprayed on the university wall There it and I were stood

Radical and shoddy Rock against racism Was all the rage When I was trapped In a middle class ghetto Defined by social workers And probation officers Of being a death phased mental cage.

Smoking cannabis in a squatted house Called entropy cottage I met Biggles, Sandy and Dolby too Along with various freak brothers From number 72

Round the corner Near a rad anarcha feminist bookshop A spray can hero or heroine Gave me the inspiration For this musical story With the words Fuck me for my mind Not my body

These words applied in this space When I am so far away From the happenings You are living day to day Make me wish we could talk about All the mad sad things that were put in our way Then again wishes are not reality Magick does not work that way If you were psychic would you want to live Reincarnated born again Politics of ideals just become stones and sticks Pacifism is outdated Now have I realised My thoughts reveal a crime And emotions just make you sick.

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Jan Shaw has been interested in occultism since teenage, now very middle age.

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